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        Smart Energy

        To meet the needs of end users for lower-cost and highly efficient energy, we focus on innovating and developing energy technology and products, to create intelligent energy system solutions that comprise distributed energy, intelligent microgrids, electricity trading, demand-side management, smart energy efficiency, and digital cloud platforms. These solutions will help users reduce their overall energy costs, increase their use of clean energy, reshape energy values, and promote green development.

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        Distributed Energy & Smart Microgrid

        Based on load analysis results and regional clean energy resource profiles, we plan, configure, and integrate diverse distributed energy sources (wind, solar, storage, coal, etc.). This allows us to optimize the configuration of diverse energy sources, coordinate energy supply, and achieve smart energy dispatching, so as to reduce customers' energy costs, improve final energy efficiency, and increase the share of renewable energies.

        Smart Energy Efficiency

        Based on our smart energy efficiency management platform, we use industrial big data analysis technology to allow the visual management and dynamic monitoring of various energy sources. In addition, we provide a wide range of energy saving solutions, including water storage, precision aeration, motor energy saving, and air compressor waste heat recovery. This gives enterprises greater control over their energy consumption and increases energy efficiency.

        Electricity Trading

        Drawing on a wide range of electricity resources and a wealth of electricity trading experience, we use our self-developed energy trading cloud platform to provide convenient and efficient solutions for electricity users, sellers, and generators, covering electricity wholesale and retail trading, green card trading, carbon emission trading, and other types of energy trading. We also provide contractual energy management, comprehensive power saving and use consulting, and other specialized value-added services.

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