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        PMDDWind Turbine Platform

        GW 3.0MW(S)

        Turbine Structure

        • Blade
        • Hub
        • Pitch control system
        • Generator stator
        • Generator rotor
        • Generator heat dissipation system
        • Wind measurement system
        • Yaw system
        • Base
        • Nacelle
        • Auxiliary hoist

        Turbine Features

        • Intelligence
          Smart Sensing: Key components are monitored by multiple strategic sensors that enable predictive diagnostics and precision control.
          Smart transmission: Significantly improves data transmission efficiency and convenience for the new 3MW model, while supporting remote data collection and transmission.
          Smart control: Flexible power control and automatic turbine output adjustment to ensure maximum output across the entire wind farm.
        • Comprehensive adaptability upgrade
          Maintenance adaptability: Dual-circuit control ensures half-power operation in the case of a single circuit fault, increasing MTBF.
          Environmental adaptability: Offers flexible power control.
          Construction adaptability: Meets the special transportation and hoisting needs of certain areas and projects, supports single-blade hoisting, and reduces land occupancy.
        • Reliability
          Gearbox-free design
          The PMDD generator prevents damage to the bearings from misalignment

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