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        PMDDWind Turbine Platform

        GW 2.XMW

        Turbine Structure

        • Blade
        • Hub
        • Pitch control system
        • Generator stator
        • Generator rotor
        • Generator switchgear
        • Generator heat dissipation system
        • Wind measurement system
        • Yaw system
        • Base
        • Nacelle
        • Tower

        Turbine Features

        • Lower O&M Costs
          The automatic lubrication system reduces the maintenance workload.
          The product has high generator protection grade and is environmentally adaptable.
          The long-life super capacitor design reduces battery replacement time.
          The low maintenance toothed belt pitch system helps save on the lubrication and maintenance costs of pitch control gears.
          There is no generator slip ring or carbon brush maintenance.
        • Specially designed for super-low wind speed
          All-new load control strategy.
          The product has a higher protection grade cooling system design.
          The development value extends to ultra-low wind speed classes with an average wind speed of 4.5 m/s.
          The higher generator efficiency during low wind speed periods increases revenue for low-speed wind farms.
        • Superior grid connection performance
          It has strong low-voltage ride-through capabilities and possesses zero voltage ride-through capability.
          The turbine comes with reactive power output, thus reducing the concentration of reactive compensation investment.
          The power quality meets or exceeds national standards.
          Flexible power control.
        • Higher Reliability
          Gearbox-free design.
          The PMDD generator prevents damage to the bearings from misalignment.
          The patented toothed belt pitch control technology avoids the need to replace the pitch control gears because of wear and tear.
          Its logarithmic profile main bearing effectively reduces roller edge contact stress, resulting in better ultra-low wind speed adaptability.
        • Lightweight Design
          Compact overall turbine design.
          It is small, lightweight, and convenient to transport and hoist.

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