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        Learning & Development

        At Goldwind, we stick to a "people-oriented" philosophy. We offer a wide range of training programs and constantly work to improve our talent development system. We care about the growth and development of our employees and strive to provide them with a healthy, safe, welcoming and fair work environment. We believe that our employees should prosper along with the company.

        Goldwind provides clear career development plans and ample training opportunities. Through a series of strategic talent development programs, we provide our employees with promising prospects for development.

        My Goldwind

        Goldwind strives to give our employees a vibrant work environment, while ensuring they can maintain an excellent work-life balance. We organize many cultural and fitness activities for employees, letting them improve their bodies and minds, while alleviating the stress of work. We have created channels to enhance communication with staff. We always listen to what they have to say and promptly respond to their needs. Goldwind employees enjoy considerate benefits and disadvantaged employees are eligible for special family assistance. We consider it our responsibility to care for all our people.

        We have employed
        over 8,000 talented individuals

        Join us as we Innovate for a Brighter Tomorrow!

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